Friday, July 31, 2009

Back in the Heat.... Boo! Blah! Yuck!

Well......okay........I can't seem to get my photos uploaded, so will post some later. We arrived back in the heat this morning so I can start my 8th grade language arts position in the next week. I am excited to be back with the kids, but not here in the desert and heat. I miss Virginia already. I got used to sitting on the porch and listening to nature (not neighbors, trains, traffic, and F-16s) and watching the deer wander around eating grass. It was so nice there that I didn't use either heat or air conditioning and slept with the window open almost every night, even when it rained! I forgot how much I hate being cooped up with artificial air for most of the year.
I got to travel to NY state and visit with my sister, her family and my mother for almost a week. Had a great time (even despite the water incident!) and can't wait until we are back East permanently next year and spend more quality time with the family!
I got pretty busy with Facebook and hope to use it more now that I have DSL rather than dial-up so look for me there and ask me to be your friend!
Bad news today, I found 0ut that Art Fiber Fest (which I LOVED) will be no longer. I am SO glad that Jane and I got to experience it at least once. Thank you, Teesha!
Pizza and wings at April's house in a little bit..... yum!