Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cleanin' out the crap

Today I finally got tired of trying to move around the messes in my craft room. Bryan left our "original" dresser we bought when we moved to Phoenix over 28 years ago and I want to utilize the drawer space in my craft room, so....
And April will be taking home an additional Christmas present of my unused stuff. I already have a box almost full and I've only been working for half an hour. I'm making lists of what I had intended to use some items for and am going to work on the list to complete some new projects and learn some new techniques since I have all of the items to work with.
I'm off to bake with a friend and her mother (who came in from Sweden). It will be fun to make some different traditional holiday treats.
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

OK Liz, you win!

Liz scolded me today at lunch and I really do need to blog more often. Thanks, Liz, for getting me back on (and for the yummy lunch today). April, Liz, Teresa, Amanda, and I went to Claim Jumpers for lunch and then shopped at Hobby Lobby this afternoon. It was good to see Liz again (last time was at convention this past fall). Lunch was great, Hobby Lobby not so great. They don't use scanners to enter prices in their registers so my entire ticket was wrong. Had to wait in line at the refund counter to adjust the prices. I can't believe they expect the cashiers to memorize every sale item. No wonder the refund counter was busy!
In the morning April and I went to Recollections to stock up on their going out of business sale. I got lots of adhesives, embellshments, and some unfinished albums to play with.
All my holiday shopping is done (gotta love the internet!) and only have to wrap the few gifts I did buy.
So, April, what are we having for dessert on Tuesday?