Monday, November 12, 2007

Another bracelet

The green and sherbet colored bracelet is one I made for my good friend, Michelle, at work. This past Saturday I went to Bead 101 class at a fabulous little bead store in Surprise, Confetti. I made the black and crystal bracelet for myself and learned exactly what wire to use. So... I need to get Michelle's bracelet back to redo it RIGHT! I went shopping today and bought tons of bead materials while the sales were on.
I am presently working on a totally intricate bracelet almost entirely made from findings. I have made some beaded bling, but had to stop and finish school work. Hopefully I will finish it this week. The supplies were rather expensive, but it looks great so far.


LIZZEE said...

Very cute love the colors

April Hall said...

I like that. I want one.