Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What is wrong with some dog owners?

Ok, so I am driving home from work yesterday on Greenway and just before I have to turn onto Dysart I see a cute little puppy running around in the busy street. This always sends my heart into my throat, but it was so little it seemed worse with this cutie. He/she made it out of the street so I kept driving. Get to the intersection of Dysart and Greenway when I see a man in a red truck stopped in the turn lane trying to corral another one of these little guys! I stopped, got out and tried to call the dog to ran in the other direction. The guy just stood there, not chasing, not calling, just telling the dog not to go in a particular direction. All this time I am wondering where the dogs came from (his truck? the neighborhood--not likely as all the developments are fenced in with block fences here?), why they run in the opposite directions when called, and why this yahoo is not making much of an effort to get his two, yes, two, not just one, dogs back. I would have been frantic, but then again, my dogs would have come when called! This is the second time in as many days where I have seen dogs in the street on my way home.
People! Take care of your pets! They can't do it on their own, thus the term DOMESTICATED PETS! They are not wild and certainly cannot survive in a city of millions on their own. Hell, some people can't survive here!


Noneyabiz said...

HELL YEAH! And don't let your cats be outdoor cats IN A CITY! Get a grip! People are stupid....and if you're reading this and think you aren't...well guess again!!!


david said...

Remember Rule Number One my dear.

crimsoncat05 said...

I agree with you, Penney- I hate seeing a dog in the back of a pickup truck; I know that sooner or later, it'll jump out... some people just shouldn't be pet owners.
(and no, domesticated cats are NOT wild animals, and they are NOT "unfulfilled as cats" if you never let them outside!)