Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sewing book cover and my sister's hat

I have been busy working on swaps and don't seem to remember to take pics before I send them off to the hostess! Duh! Anyway, here are a couple of projects using my dyed muslin as a base. Over at Penney-Jane Mixed Media our second swap is a Sewing Chunky Book. I made the covers and a page (60 items in all!). Took a picture of the cover, but failed to document the pages I made. I think I just get so tired of looking at 20 of the same thing that I ship them off without another thought. I probably should get better at taking those darned pics! I love, love, love sewing the "star flower" and try to put it on whatever I sew..........
the sewing book cover on tan fabric:

the back of a memo book I made for my sister who sends me really cool "stuff" she finds in odd places:

and here is my star flower again on the cover of her memo book:

in return for the good "stuff" she sends I sent my sister some royal blue dyed muslin to make an OR hat for work:

lookin' good! So, in answer to the age old question I hear a lot: "What are you going to do with IT?" I a flower on it or send it to my sister! Ha!


jane eileen said...

I have two comments:
1. Funny!
2. Cool! (showing my age there)

April Hall said...

Very nice! Aunt Cindy looks GROOVY!

Cindy said...

If anything I look old and tired(I guess that comes with the words groovy and cool! HA!) since Sara took the pic in the evening!My hat sparked conversation at work when I said it came from my sister in AZ ;)))))

Karen Witte-Elkins said...

Your sister is a lucky girl. I am way gone on the memo book you made with the old book cover-too cool.