Monday, April 13, 2009

This and That

I have been working on odds and ends, finishing up some swaps, playing with paint, etc., etc. lately. I got my Penney-Jane Sewing Chunky Book pages back the other day and bound them with book rings. This cover should look familiar and here it is bound with Gina's fabulous hand crocheted lace peeking from the edge of her page.

Here are all 20 pages in their chunkiness from the top:

I wouldn't have enough room to show all of my favorite pages so I just chose Jane's to showcase here.

I've been trying to doodle more and chose some heavier fashion pages from an old magazine. I first painted over all but the face and doodled over the paint, but it kept gumming up my Sharpies so I tried swiping gel medium over the paint and Voila! Much better! This is one of the three that I actually liked:

I also watched a short video on Traci Bautista's blog which showed painting with just one color and it inspired me to create these two background pages (for what? I don't know, I just like them!):

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Sandy..... said...

I love your chunky book~! I've only made one for myself and have always said I was going to try it again. Thanks for the inspiration~!