Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank you Cards

The first week in May was Teacher Appreciation Week and I always have my students write letters to a teacher in appreciation. I received quite a few from them myself so I decided that they would all receive from me an artsy card to thank them for their kind words. I found some embossed pink thank you cards at Goodwill last weekend and had to run back for some more when I counted the letters and realized I needed closer to 40 than the 20 that comes in each box. For the cards themselves I sewed scraps of fabric on the edges:

For the envelopes I blew black ink to decorate them:

I hope the kids like them!


jane eileen said...


April Hall said...

I want one! Oh wait, I am not a teacher....and I doubt I am that appreciated. LOL. These came out really cool.

Liz said...

Very cool