Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hosting Wahoo!

I have been working diligently at my computer for the past few days fine tuning details for two chunky book swaps that I am hosting on-line. I am so psyched to actually be in charge of these swaps! One was already semi-established, but the other is my own creation. I have suckered April into doing them with me as, if you read her blog, you know she is starting to really be interested in chunky book swaps. Yesterday we participated in a Funky Chunky Book swap and I love all of the pages we received! Jane did the fabulous covers!

I just signed up on collageUNLEASHED yahoo group and am in the process of making 24 double-sided 8x10 pages ala Traci Bautista. As usual it is taking me a while to get in the groove, but they will be finished on time!

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