Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today's Play Date Continued

This is a piece of Basic Grey paper (I think it's Infuse, but could be wrong) and sewed around the outline of the butterfly with embroidery thread, used a button for the head and sewed down a Dick and Jane word:

This page started out going in one direction until I accidentally sewed through both sides and had to refold it differently. I sewed down a dyed piece of table runner and added gathered black tulle under the plain side of the fabric.

Another piece of Basic Grey paper with fabric and phrase sewn to the edge:

And the inside of the page with some more of my dyed fabric as a base for my star flower. At the top are a few odds and ends of fabric, paper UPC and another D&J word


April Hall said...

Looks cool!

jane eileen said...

"Look, look!" said Jane
My friend can sew. Luv ya!