Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today's Play Date

This post was supposed to be finished last night (and it really was--three times in fact!), but apparently I was blog-challenged, so let's try it again...
Today (actually yesterday) was another play date at Jane's Studio 23. I should have been working on swaps for my group that are due this week, but frankly needed a break from what I SHOULD have been doing to just "play" with all of the supplies that are sitting in piles yelling at me to use them. So I gathered tons of supplies and trotted over to the studio to sew........... I haven't decided exactly what the covers and pages in this and the next post will be, but then I usually never have an end purpose when I start. My goal was to just create.
The covers started out as the freebie paint chip brochures at the home improvement store. I covered them with painted and stamped canvas first. On the front cover I sewed my favorite dragonfly transparency over some light green tulle and then added a Dick & Jane tab. On the inside back I sewed some random pieces onto the actual paint chips for interest:

The next sets of photos show the fronts of a couple of pages and then unfolded.
This page is sewn onto a Claim Jumper's doggie bag: stamped, hand-dyed fabric, bits an pieces sewn under plastic, paint chip with a fabric strip woven through it and wall paper:

My plan is to utilize the open (left) side of the bag as a pocket

The base for the next set of pages is an old tablecloth (for one of those outdated round plywood tables covered with glass) that I had dyed with coffee to "age" it.

Inside I sewed fabric and a piece of Jane's tape measure twill tape:


Karen said...

Wow! Very nice! Can't wait to see it when it's done!

jane eileen said...

I like what you added when you got home, too.