Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What does your creative process look like?

Been thinking about the creative process lately (see my earlier post about endorphins) .....

Talked briefly with a crafty friend at work whose process seems to be similar to mine...
When I begin a project, it usually takes on a life of its own before completion. I believe the term I have seen used is "the muse takes over."

  • I start with an idea in mind
  • I carefully gather the materials I think I will need
  • And begin.
  • But, wait.... don't I have a great "so and so" in my supplies that would go perfectly with these __________ (fill in the blank: colors, brads, beads, papers, etc.)
  • Once I find those "perfect" items, my imagined project takes off in a whole new direction.
  • And so on until it is complete.

My finished item barely resembles the sketch (either on paper or mental) that I started with.

I used to get bothered by the changing plan, but have since just tried to "follow the muse to whererver she takes me at the time" and have become more happy creatively.

So..... back to my post title:

  1. Are you happy with it
  2. Does it produce satisfying results?


chelemom said...

My creative process....mmmmm....I start with the photos or stamped image and start pulling papers and embellishments that might work...then probably only use half of it! Which of course creates a HUGE mess!

Melissa said...

I usually wait for a pic to speak to me and then run. This week though I am all about the new BH sketch book and forcing pics in. Very rarely does it look like the sketch when I am done.

I am a messy scrapper but they say chaos is a sign of genius! Maybe not.

Looking forward to adding you to my blog stalk list, Penney. Dinner at convention was a blast!