Sunday, October 21, 2007

October Craft Class

So, a couple months ago I got the idea to have a monthly get together at my house and make some crafty projects with my friends. Last month we made a small box container and 3 3X3 cards to go inside.
This month we made a "french fry" container with candy corn, a tiny box with wrapped Hershey's Nuggets inside, and a fall card.
Rita, Alice, Karen, April, and her niece Kyler showed up and we had a good time.
I failed to take pics last month, but got some shots of the "girls" and their projects before they left today.
I promise for next month: NO more little boxes, although it went much more smoothly this time! We are looking at putting together french style bulletin boards (made with pressed board) for November's project.
Great job today, ladies. Can't wait until November!


Teresa said...

Love the Idea's very cute!

LIZZEE said...

Yummo candy corn looks like a lot of fun for you ladies.

LIZZEE said...

u've been tagged