Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blog Slacker

That's me this week.
Excuse #1: I have gone back to working "full time" even though I only took time off the past few months from contract teaching to go back East for visits. I signed a contract for 7th grade Language Arts taking over for a wonderful teacher whose husband has been transferred to an Air Force base in Japan. I think right now this will be a great niche for me (until the next great niche presents itself!) and I am looking forward to concentrating on teaching one content area. Next step is to take a proficiency test in Language Arts/Reading to satisfy No Child Left Behind highly qualified status to teach a content area. The test is in late March and since I minored in English eons ago at SUNY Cortland in NY it should be a breeze.
Excuse #2: I haven't really focused much on creating the past week or two, just sorting and organizing my mess...........wasn't really successful in that area.
Excuse #3: Running an invitation only Yahoo group and participating/hosting several swaps at the same time.
I have received back a couple of swaps that I participated in and I love the quality of everything I have gotten from the members of Bad Baby Art! Thanks to Pam C. for getting me hooked up with this bunch! The charms I received are fabulous. I will take a photo and upload this weekend.
I also have to share a pic that my sister in NY sent to me, she sent several, but one makes me laugh when I see it. It is me when I was an infant with this shock of black hair sticking out...I call it my orangutan baby photo! Too funny, I will take a pic of the pic and upload as well.

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