Sunday, January 25, 2009

Funky Holiday Swap

Over at Bad Baby Art I am hosting a year-long swap: Funky Holidays. Instead of doing the run of the mill themes like New Year's for January and St. Patrick's Day for March, April researched some lesser known holidays and the swap was off and running! January's theme was Women in Blue Jeans day. It was fun to see the different interpretations each participant came up with for her 4X4 page. At the end of the year each swapper will have 48 pages if they swap for all 12 months. I made 8 pages instead of 4, the second set is going to Jane as a Christmas present. The pages were so good I am thinking I might have to make 12 pages so that I can have one of each! It was painful to only get 4 out of all of the quality work! Next month is American Crossword Puzzle Week, right up my alley..........I love crossword puzzles and have even watched the documentary Word Play about the New York Times crossword puzzle annual competition. Pretty interesting if you like crossword puzzles. Below are the five pages I kept (I have an extra as one swapper made an extra for me):

and here are Jane's: (mine is the one on the bottom right and April's is on the upper left)

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Jane Eileen said...

Whowhee! I hear those bells jngling! Merry Christmas to your crazy art sister.