Saturday, January 31, 2009

During Dyeing

Been dyeing for a while now, I am using yard pieces and dyeing 2 yards at a time in a color bath. The batch below is my 11th and 12th yard. The fabric has to steep in the pot for over 30 minutes. I am using both liquid and powder dyes. So far I have used dark green, scarlet, black, sunshine orange, yellow, and purple. Two batches dried and ready to be ironed, two batches hanging on the line to dry, and two batches steeping on the stove. Lots of gloves and lots of rinsing involved! Definitely a labor of love, I smile every time a piece goes on my clothes line!
Here is the scarlet batch, after taking the pic I smushed it down into the dye, but took the pic this way so you could see the color:

With the fabric balled up like that you get an interesting mottled, tie dye effect.

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Ruth Rae said...

this is my favorite way to dye.... all bunched up! then I open it up and dip it a little more, sometimes even in a different color.