Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baby Book, Mega Swap, & Class Project

Last Sunday was Alyssa's baby shower and here is the cover of a baby photo album I made for her........

WHEW!! I finished gluing the 120th back to my technique pages for the Arttechniques swap due October 15. It has been a loooong process, but I am finished ahead of schedule which is unusual for me. But, this is NOT the type of project that can be done at the last minute. Some of the members' pages have been posted and it will be exciting to try the techniques. This is what 120 woven quilted background pages looks like:

Kelly Kilmer's Funky Chunky Book class last night at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale did not disappoint. The book is similar to the Avant Garde journal Karen and I made at Art Unraveled. The covers are papered rather than painted and the pages are painted rather than papers! If that makes any sense? I am always happy painting so it was fun. My front cover (with one of my new favorite stamps!)

The painted signatures:

I always seem to want this Rorschach image in my book somewhere. So I stamped it onto one of my favorite pages. I took my Golden Acrylic interference paints to add shimmer:

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Mar said...

they are gorgeous!!! did you sew each signature seperately of the other?
i sew mine next to each other kind of together...
am i wrong?