Saturday, October 11, 2008

Off to New York

No, not the Big Apple, more like the small cow pattie............. April and I are flying to upstate NY this Monday to stay the week with my mother in the teeny tiny town on Route 20 of Madison (population 325) where I grew up. I am hoping that we get to see the fall colors and that it's not too late, it's been so long since I was there in Autumn that I don't remember when the leaves change. My mother emailed me today to remind me to bring a sweater......... the weather is in the 70s which will be perfect! We plan on visiting the Oz museum nearby, an alpaca farm near my sister's house in Binghamton, maybe Cooperstown, and visiting with relativews on and off during the week. It will be relaxing to just walk around town, drive in the country, and work on some basic journal/collage work without distractions. Will be picking up some nature items for Karen's art and hopefully lots of pictures.

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