Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy making Journals and books

The day after we return from our NY trip is my mother's birthday so I made her a journal/book with a fabric/sewing theme. Before "retiring" my mother was a seamstress and now enjoys quilting when she can. I found an inexpensive table runner at a thrift store awhile back which was perfect for the cover. The inside of the cover is some really cool quilted white fabric. I sewed buttons, lace trim, placed some fancy pins and an alcohol colored spoon on the spine. My mother also collected spoons so I was having fun finding a way to incorporate one!

Below are several of the types of pages I included: to the left a color wash on bristol board, the right is bristol board with two types of lace sewn on the edge:

The smaller page in the foreground is a collage piece with Golden paints, a McCall's pattern, a piece of fabric, and zipper tape; the page in the background is several magazine pages sewn together and then painted with black, orange, and yellow paint. On the bottom you can just make out the tape measure tape

The right page is the back of the orange/yellow page. I used black only framing the girl on the ad near the center, at the top of the page is a plastic tape measure that are free at Ikea.

I made a hard bound journal to take with me as well as a paper book. I purchased two funky Zetti stamps this weekend at Frenzy Stamper and stamped those along with many other stamps in the books to color on the plane and during down time on the trip. We both left plenty of room in our suitcases to bring goodies back!
Have a good week!

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