Friday, July 25, 2008

Deco Foray

I have ventured into the world of Decos. Jumped right in with both feet not knowing what in heck a "deco" was...... thanks to the wonderful Jaime at Alternative Decos who patiently answers all of my silly questions. I received my first deco from Linda in Australia. The theme is Vintage School. Here's her fabulous cover:

And my finished page:

This deco will be on its way to Marthe in Norway along with my deco. I bound my deco with a pencil on top. Here's the front cover with "Dick and Jane":

And here's my back cover:

I used sewing and collage on the cover (and on my page in Linda's deco) incorporating a page from an reproduction Dick and Jane book. The cover fabric is coffee dyed to age it, the original color was stark white. I wanted to tea dye it, but didn't have any tea in the house, but lots of coffee......... turned out okay and has the look I wanted.
Pardon my finger in the pics, but I needed to hold the covers down so the picture came out better!
Off to work on my soul journal... yikes! I am several days behind... houses.....I must draw houses...........

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