Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Different Journal.....

Over at Emily's blog (actually it's typepad, is there a difference?) she took a class and made a journal from a deck of cards, 52 cards = 52 weeks of journaling. Cool, huh? So, I pulled out a deck of cards that were squirreled away in the Careers game I bought the other day at Goodwill, sanded a few to begin with. With leftover gesso from another project left on my brush I slapped some on the cards, then later on I had brown paint on the brush and added that. I haven't journaled yet, but I did make this handy-dandy bag for storage from this yummy fabric I got at Joann's the other day. I gave some to Nicole, so let's see the bag, girlfriend!! I put a pretty pink and green cloisonne bead on the rick rack tie for some subtle bling.
So for my first card: "Today I am proud that...."

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Christy said...

This bag is just beautiful. If only I could sew like this. If I made this it would be a mess. It's hard to see the bead really well but I can tell it matches perfectly.