Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Back

Well, let's see....... it's been how long since I had a life outside my job? Not that I'm counting, but 10 years!!!!!!! I am taking at least a year off to focus on the creative side of me that has gotten lost in the frenzy of teaching. I will still be subbing, tutoring, and most likely working with a homebound former student of mine, but it will be done on my terms and if I need to see a doctor, I won't need to put it off until some break in the school year!

I have recently joined many wonderful Yahoo groups and found a gazillion blogs that I love. Soon I will post many links here, but I HAVE to send you to Sarah Whitmire's blog. She posted on on of the groups asking for people to join her in Soul Journaling. Well, I am horrible at keeping a journal. I have started many, but lost interest after one or two entries......... Sarah is such an inspiration and has created such purpose to this project that I am LOVING this!! The most difficult day was journaling "I forgot to tell you..." A friend mirrored my thoughts when she said she wouldn't be brave enought to write some things down for fear that it would be found and read. My thoughts exactly, but after two days procrastination, I did it and I love the result.

My daughter, April, is also Soul Journaling with us.

Enough talk, here is a snap of the journaling page: (I am going to figure out how to insert a slideshow and put the previous pages and cover into that format!)

The tapes I used to cover my journaling are blue, yellow, and pink duct tape, silver conduit tape, and black electrical tape. I dry brushed a mixture of purple and white over it, sanded, and dry brushed a brown to "age" the pages:


KathrynAntyr said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are able to take some time {a whole year} for yourself. What a great way to kick off your reclaiming time with a soul journal. I love all of the colored tapes you used. What a vibrant page! Nice to meet you.

VirginiaW said...

Love your tape page.Nice to meet you on this soul journal journey...Try saying that 3 times fast..LOL

Linda said...

Your pages are full of texture and colour - wonder what we're going to put on them!

Jacky said...

Enjoy your "art sabatical". I am sure you are going to have lots of fun.
Love these pages you have done. Just got to get myself some of that silver conduit tape!!! Gorgeous colour you have chosen too.

Christy said...

I love your colors and your many types of tape. I too wonder what if anything Sarah will have us add to this page... how cool that you and your daughter are taking this journey together.

Mary S Hunt said...

I enjoyed going through your blog.
Everyone should take time to explore their 'art side'...hence this great project we are all journeying through with Sarah. Nice to "meet" you
I'll be back....