Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Soul Journal Day 9

For Day 9 we were to paint over the inch squares from Day 6 and then do some "doodling" around many of them. I chose to mix orange with white to paint over the purple base. It kind of looks like a melon on the page. The red shoe is an homage to April's favorite movie "The Wizard of OZ" and I of course had to include a picture of my favorite dog, the Jack Russell Terrier!

Below is a poem I wrote last night on the spur of the moment to emphasize the dragonfly on my Soul Armour page. I lifted the transparency piece so the poem could be read in the picture. I love my friend Lillian's response when she read it this morning: "I can actually picture the dragonfly!" The best compliment in the world! Thanks, Lillian!:)

Day 10 is all about houses, I have gessoed my pages and will work on it this evening after "Wipeout".

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