Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Drowning in Decos

I cannot believe it has been over two weeks since I blogged! Yikes! I must be more diligent. Even though I no longer work "full time" as a teacher I have been subbing for two schools in the district and have subbed almost all of the 10 days for the past two weeks. When I am not teaching 8th grade Language Arts to hormonal teenagers I have been trying to catch up on swaps that are due. Here are the Decos that I created and have sent to the first signers:
Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland -- the mushroom was free-handed from Basic Grey paper (love this line). Alice was a "project" that both my husband and I worked on. It is an illustration from the book that I scanned and then enlarged to what I thought was "just the right size" for my mushroom........ my printer was out of ink so I emailed the Print Shop enlargement upstairs to Dave's email, printed it out, ran back downstairs to find that it did not print enlarged! Repeat procedure two more times (insert curse words here!)... get frustrated.... hubby likes a computer challenge and finally gets Alice to the correct size. Now I white out the mushroom from the original illustration, scan again, send again, print again, cut out, run upstairs to print on watercolor paper, color (not with watercolors as the ink will bleed!) and then fussy cut, glue, finally finished!!!!!!! If only I could draw, I could have saved a bazillion steps.......... oh, well............

Underwater Fantasy Deco in a "meander" style -- I handpainted the background paper (my newest obsession). This time I had to shrink the mermaid stamp (this was done prior to Alice so I had ink in my printer--whew!) and used my Gelly Roll pens to color her on watercolor paper.

Tin Deco: I colored the tin with alcohol inks and made an accordion book to fit inside. The chipboard embellishment is handpainted, on the back of the tin I adhered the little flower petals that came out of the front piece.

Winged Beings Deco: Again handpainted background, with collaged elements. The wings are painted skeleton leaves and the photo is a freebie from a blog ( I think The last door down the hall? )... if not check it out, she has an awesome blog! I attached some butterfly, fairy, and dragonfly charms to the fiber threads on the spine (not shown).

These decos have been sent to the first signers, might be awhile before I see them again!

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Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Penney!
Your artwork is WONDERFULLY intricate and made with LOVE . . . It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!