Thursday, September 25, 2008

Works in progress and a gift

So last weekend my daughter and I got together and worked on covering board books with fabric. After raiding the books at Saver's thrift store (but I ONLY bought 20 this time, honest!) we started stripping the pages. Then after several failed attempts to attach the fabric we figured it out! We both used pinks and greens for our books since most of my fabric is those colors and April raided my stash for a variety. I have not embellished any pages as of yet, but check out April's blog, she has made a good start on her fairy-themed book.
I used a chintz-style fabric for my cover:

Here are the pages that my husband compared to ravioli (they do resemble large ravioli!).

A close-up of two of the pages, the book only measures 3 inches by 31/2 inches so it's rather small:

While at April's we both had our sewing machines out and made some fabric hearts. I am in a swap to exchange hearts similar to the ones in the latest issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. I have made three as samples to play with, just need to embellish them to jazz it up! The denim heart is hand sewn from a jumper that is too short for me to wear to work!

I covered some journals that a dear friend at work photocopied from her husband who recently passed away. His relatives wanted his original journals so I helped her make copies. I hand painted the covers (they look like leather IRL), sewed them to cardstock and bound them with my Bind-It-All. I will be delivering it to her tomorrow at school. The cover is very plain, but I left it so she could add whatever she wanted to personalize the journals.

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Kelly said...

I came across the 50th birthday card you made using Lisa Engelbrecht's techniques. I work for the company that produced Lisa's DVD and was wondering if you'd permit me to post your card on our blog. We'd of course link back to your site and give credit where credit is due. It still wouldn't be posted for a few weeks in that we're reworking the site.

Let me know either way. I've loved looking around your site, and I totally relate with the working space issue. It's never ending! :)


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