Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Learning to Knit

No pictures to add to this post! April and I spent a couple of hours the last two Saturdays learning to knit at The Needler's Nest in Surprise just down the road. We had both attempted to learn via YouTube videos. Irene was very helpful! We learned two methods of casting on yarn, knit and purl stitches, ribbing stitches, how to fix mistakes, read patterns, and how to cast off when finished. Our homework between classes was to knit/purl a stockinette piece and bring it to measure our stitches. Mine came out okay, but I have to admit I ripped it out countless times so the stitches would be even and automatic! Such a perfectionist........... arghhh....... Since the class I have been attempting to create some stitch patterns, but my tension is very tight (a throw back to crochet) so I must persevere and fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!! My ultimate goal is to know how to knit when we move to VA so I can possibly learn to spin yarn at the Alpaca farm near our new house and then knit with the yarn......... I know, high hopes. I 'll keep practicing! When I perfect the ripple stitch I will post a picture, don't hold your breath. LOL.... happy knitting!


Mary S Hunt said...

where in virginia are you headed?
i am from there born and raised...we came to SD..
I can't add to the knitting thing
but i do know how to spin the wool into yarn
you will catch on quick

Penney said...

We will be in southwest VA near the NC border (Hillsville/Galax area)..you?