Thursday, August 7, 2008

Art Unraveled Day 3

What a fantabulous class today: Modern Mark Making with Lisa Engelbrecht. This was the one class I was leery about, I have no experience in calligraphy and do not like my natural handwriting. Which is why I took this class, I want to add handwriting to my work and thought this class would help. It sure did! Lisa is a wonderful teacher and the energy in the room was energizing! I could have watched Lisa make letters all day and been happy. However, once I dipped my nib in pink ink and started stroking I realized that I could do this, it was a great feeling! Here is Lisa giving one her awe-inspiring demos:

As a class we collaborated on a cover for our work, we all "left our mark" for each cover:

I numbered my pages as I went to track my progress and this is only page 5, I broke up the letters:

One of the last pages of the day. We were to make multi stroke letters and then fill in withe colors, more strokes, and doodles:

Isn't this A wonderful? One of our class mates did this work, I think it is my favorite:

I have added a couple of blogs from fellow Mark Makers: altered artists, Adrianna, and Lisa... go see our fabulous work!


April Hall said...

That's really cool!

KathrynAntyr said...

LOL -- I could have watched Lisa make letters all day and been happy. -- sounds like my kind of workshop. I wish I could have taken it. Your letters are fabulous. That final image the "A" is simply gorgeous. I'll have to poke around and look at the other blogs.

Scrappy Cat said...

I'm so jealous that you got to go to this workshop! I've had her book on my wish list for awhile - do you think it would be worthwhile? Or should I just try to take a class from her sometime?

Mining4Soul said...

So glad I met you - LOVED sitting next to you - had so much fun! If I can get off the internet this evening, I am going to keep up my letter-making practice!

Christy said...

wow. these letters are beautiful. her work is just amazing and I like both the last A but also the one above it too. fantastic!

Sandy said...

I didn't make it to AU this year, so thanks for posting so that I can live vicariously. The A is great, but your letters are awesome. I love the energy and the colors.