Monday, August 4, 2008

Hiking Again

Last Friday Karen and I hiked the Goat Camp trail in the White Tanks here in Phoenix. Yes, it's summer and yes, it's hotter than ......... but, we went early. I scared a couple of snakes on the side of the trail, not diamonbacks this time. On the way back down we saw some odd looking caterpillars, yellow with these scary-looking orange spikes on their butts! Nice defense mechanism, I'll try to avoid the temptation to touch their butts! LOL

Today we went again, same trail, same mountain, same Bat channel....... but I kept pushing Karen and we both made it two miles in!!! Wahoo! The first mile is easy, but that second one (uphill) is strenuous. It took us three hours in and back, stopping to admire the view and just to breathe!! Way to go, girlfriend!! Just don't tell anyone about my lizard race, ok? Thanks.......

Karen (above), hot and sweaty, but we made it 2 miles! Not bad for a girl from MI!!

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LIZZEE said...

Yikes I would be afraid of the Rattle snakes