Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vendor Faire Win and Friends

Although Karen and I did not have bunches of time to attend the Vendor Faire yesterday morning before eating lunch and attending Kelly Kilmer's class, we had enough time to wander over to a few booths and spend all of our money! During a break in our class I met up with Alma Stoller whose zine I had purchased several months ago. In her zine, Odd Ball Zine, I found a pattern for crocheted flowers which I used and incorporated into a row house swap for TreasuredArtTrends Yahoo group. I love Alma's work, but realized that I had signed up for other classes that coincided with her classes...... bummer....... but we met up and seemed to have a connection! I made her take a pic with me (just kidding, she was more than happy to pose!) and I purchased the kits from her classes. I am excited to try her fabric beads, may have to find a large knitting needle first. They look way cool!!!

So, who was in the booth right next to Alma? Why, the lovely Katie Kendrick! So, here are two of my favorite artists: (love these ladies!!!)

Poor Susan had to suffer through two classes with me (she survived!)....... both Carboard Visual Journal and Avant Garde Journals. I think she is in love with my heat gun (just kidding Susan! always glad to share!) I asked her to share her favorite page from her Avant Garde journal (she finished this one, still waiting for her to sew her cardboard journal together -- send me a pic, Susan!), she chose a large pull-out page, her covers were beautiful!!!

Karen incorporated some personal memorabilia into her journal (love the passport shot!) as well as some papers we shared (notice the fashion black and white paper that was in mine too). Her favorite spread shows her drawing ( on the left) and painted pages (too bad the textures she made don't show up, they are wonderful!):

So, during our break and visit to Alma and Katie I actually won a door prize. Those who know me, understand how unusual this is. At one conference I attended there were fifty people and thirty prizes and I was one of the twenty!! If there are numbers involved mine is only one or two away from the winner....... anyway I won this gorgeous pendant made by Cindy Dean. This was something I recognized immediately from her blogspot, they are across her masthead. Not only did I win, but I won something I really coveted! Thank you, Cindy! Your work is marvelous!


Long Black Eyelahes said...

Thank you for sharing! I love all the pictures and definately all the work, the hardest part is picking which class to take! It was lots of fun! Angelica

robin dudley-howes said...

Hi Penny

Yes AU WAS soooo fun! Glad you had a great experience. Thanks for sharing. I taught two classes and took two classes, brought my camera and forgot to take pictures until the last day!!


Cindy Dean said...

Penny, You are so cute! I am so glad that you liked your flower! Your enthusiam is so contagious! It was great to meet you and I am sure that our paths will cross again!

katie said...

great pics penney! thank you for sharing the photos of your so-lovely-and-beautiful cardboard journal. i know you'll fill it's pages with exactly what is needed. it was a pleasure having you in my class at ArtUnraveled and petting your sweet head :-)

i'll post your class photos on my blog as soon as i can get to it!