Sunday, August 10, 2008

Art Unraveled Day 4 Night Class

Thursday's night class was Jacqueline Sullivan's Journal of Surfaces. Even though the class was crowded, I learned quite a few techniques I will definitely use again. We used seven different methods for creating journal page backgrounds and then cut the pages to fit into a 4X4 book bound with the Zutter Bind-it-All. We used these backgrounds for divider pages and inserted directions for each method into small envelopes which also became part of the book. As with the earlier class, I did not get the book assembled, but took it home and finished it there ( I recently purchased a Zutter so it wasn't an issue of having to bind it in class).
I was really pleased with the molding paste method we used on the cover, at first my colors were rather dark, but they lightened up once I hit it with copper and interference green. My cover:

The sad thing is there was no dragonfly stencil so butterfly was the next best thing (Hah!) I have dragonfly stencils here, so I feel another book in my future!
I was not thrilled with some of my results on a couple of techniques, but once I got home and cut them down, they weren't so bad!! My favorite (after the molding paste and stencil) was the raised foil marks with clear tar gel on black gesso:

I also liked the gesso resist method......... I love my book! It will be a great reference source.

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Anne said...

This looks like a fun class! Love that you made a book out of your creations, complete with instructions for the future. That is so cool!