Sunday, August 10, 2008

Art Unraveled Day 4 Class #`1

Thursday's first class was THE class I had been waiting to take: A Cardboard Visual Journal with Katie Kendrick featured in the Nov./Dec. 2007 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors (boy, this issue was fantastic -- it is also the one that featured my Tuesday class with Cathy Taylor!). The class did not disappoint! Katie is a fantastic teacher and wonderful person (odd bit of trivia: we were born 3 days apart!!!!!), I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with her. The ladies in this class were very energetic and there was such a collaborative spirit. It was very energizing and creative on that second floor! Although I did not completely finish assembling the book during class, I left knowing that I was armed with all the info I needed to complete the project. So, after my night class I came home and finished both the books (staying up until midnight to do so). Here is my finished cover (of course it's pink and green and has a dragonfly and beads-- duh!):

The entire book is constructed from corrugated cardboard and coffee dyed cheesecloth. My favorite two page spread with my "window" page which came about as a solution to a weak page:

Yes, you did see a dragonfly and there are more beads!! Below is a photo of the spine and the fuzzies on the page edges, it brings to mind a barn ( for those who have lived in farm country), the cardboard texture looks like the side of a weathered barn and the cheesecloth is reminiscent of hay:

Yesterday I met up with Katie at the Vendor Faire:

Absoulutely loved her and the class, this is one book I will be making again, and again.......

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Lori Z. said...

Hi, Penny. Thanks for your comments on my posts about the kids' altered niche book class. And thanks for sharing all of your AU work! I attended year before last and am saving up to attend again when I can. Talk about inspiration!

Love your work and your spirit.