Sunday, August 10, 2008

At Unraveled Day 5

Saturday I attended Kelly Kilmer's Avant Garde Journal class. What a blast! I don't even know how to begin to describe the fun we had in this class........ Kelly is a great teacher! We made these funky journals made out of "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" ! LOL!! We first painted canvas spines and chipboard covers for two different sized journals. It was fun watching Karen really dig into the painting......... loved the deep colors she ended up with for her covers! Before class we attended the Vendor Faire, discovered two paper stores and bought very cool papers to add to our books. I found out we both love crowns! Wahoo!
Back to painting, I am very much an amateur as I have not had much experience with paints, but I love the feel of brushing on an medium!!! Did not end up with beloved green, but my spine is pink!! I also managed a dragonfly on the spine (since my spine is half black, it didn't show up too well, but I know it is there!). Here is my front cover for the larger journal (of course I ran out of time in class --slow poke!, so I haven't had a chance to finish the small journal), notice all of the funky pages sticking out:

We also painted a page for each signature for both journals and stenciled onto them, I call my painting style "Eric Carle" and I really am pleased with the effect I got. I love the dressmaker's stencil (an homage to my mother who is a seamstress!), this is one of my favorite painted pages:

So for all four signatures we were to incorporate a variety of styles, textures, etc. for the pages. We needed 48 different pages, I thought I had enough but when I counted I only had 36. What to do? I didn't feel like looking through what was in the room (again!) so I decided to see what I could beg from vendors and look through trash......... I got the idea from my purchase at Tricia's Vintage Bliss booth. She gave me a patterened paper bag I wanted to use as a page. So of course I ran up to Tricia and told her what I was doing... we dug through her bag bag and found some stuff (including a yellow legal tablet page with some sort of list on it!)........... what a sport she is! I loved it!!! I needed one more page so I scrounged in Stamp-O-Tique's trash and found register tape.......... SCORE! Now I had enough for my book. Here is the section with Tricia's paper list, also the brown and black paper was a purchase as was the hand made paper on the right (from S.A.G.E. Crafts, made in Bali). Although not in this shot, one of my favorite finds in Kelly's stash was a Japanese magazine, the pages are thick and glossy (actually now that I look closely at the pic you can see the black "W" page, I think that is one of them?).

A top view of all the pages in the two signatures. There is room for at least two more signatures, so I am already saving recycled treasures to add in later............ Yes, that is a gift bag hand sticking out on the left! It was the bag that held paper purchased at Paper Studio's booth. In the back signature is a plastic handled bag from Tricia's stuff.......

The class was great and I can't wait to take more classes from Kelly when she returns to Frenzy Stamper this October! Kelly, you are warned! LOL

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Kelly Kilmer said...


Looking forward to seeing you in October ;) Saturday was a blast!!!!
*LOVE* your book!!!