Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Well, where to start? I joined so many swaps in the past few weeks that I had to make a spread sheet to keep track of them. It has worked so far..... Below is my Coffee fabric post card for Fun Friendly Yahoo group. I futzed for longer than necessary to dye the small muslin ribbon at the bottom of the card..... tea works much better than coffee than dyeing!! I dusted off my sewing machine, bought some more fabric, and voila!! They are on their way to Nebraska, Missouri, and Colorado. My first postcards! Wahoo!

Also finished a hand made book for a friend in Maine. We both love dragonflies so it was fun to work on. I bound the signatures with knitting needles I found for a steal at Goodwill. Below is the cover:

And my favorite page made from 3 dragonfly tags:

Today I worked on this monstrous project happening at Arttechniques Yahoo group. When I signed up for 4X4 pages, the chunky book only had a few participants, but ended up involving 120, yes, that's right 120 people! So, procrastination is not going to cut it since I signed up for a sewing technique.
I am working in fairly large pieces, weaving black and white fabric strips onto a backing then sewing over them with decorative stitches. I bought really bright colors of thread and it has come out pretty neat looking so far. I like the weaving so much I will most likely use the black/white as a checkerboard for my Games fabric postcard swap later this month.

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